Cute, warm and cozy

It’s fine to have fun/funky sweaters like this. They’re fun to have around, just make sure they don’t take up your entire closet!!

Fashion, Design and Lifestyle

I try to dress as cool or hot as much as possible. However, there are times when I want to turn up at work looking like a five year old – in Lisa Sparks colours, striped tights, polka dot mufflers and knitted sweaters with animal motifs. I don’t know any five year old who looks like that, but maybe I would’ve been one if my mother did not dictate my style till I was fifteen. I can’t do any of this now, because it’s not me – well, at least not the major part of my style (which is mostly about plunging necklines and tight clothes). But, I figured it would be fun to indulge in some screen shopping and checked out Asos. If I were in Delhi instead of Bangalore now, I’d probably buy all these, but never wear any to anywhere but my bed.  That’s not an…

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