As we all know swag isn’t real. However, a lot of guys think it is and because of that they LOVE to sag their pants.  Doesn’t everyone know that’s not popular anymore? Apparently not. So, here is my tip to the guys: Wear your pants above your butt and maybe try out a belt. I’m bringing this up because lately I have seen some really outrageous outfits. This came to my mind after seeing this… In the mall with his girlfriend, this guy had his pants sagging so low that they literally looked they were just above his knees.  Here were my thoughts… 1. How do you walk? 2. How is that comfortable? 3. Because your pants are so low, you have to find xx long tee’s which aren’t improving your look at all.  I wanted to ask him if he needed longer pants because, if he pulled them up to where they should be then they would be too short. If that wasn’t the situation then I thought about asking if he needed some money for a belt. 😉 I was embarrassed for him and even more for his girlfriend.

Well… here are some examples of what you should and shouldn’t wear guys.




saggy_pantsand even J. Biebs!


Yikes, right? It really isn’t attractive. Here is how you should wear pants…

For those who like skinny’s:


Note: The shoes worn with all of these were a terrible pick but Google just wasn’t giving me what I wanted! Please be picky about the shoes that you wear, they make a huge difference. I’ll talk about that more later. Now, back to fitted jeans!

For those who like more relaxed:

MenLoose_600x415Dress Pants:




4 to 1 people. I don’t see any of them sagging so, just because J. Biebs does it  doesn’t mean it looks good.

I promise women find it 100 times more attractive and it has to be more comfortable! Try it out, I bet you’ll love it.

Girls, if you’re boyfriends sag their pants then tell them whats up! Don’t walk around embarrassed anymore. Help them look almost as good as you do. 😉

xoxo, Mags.


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