Like I said before…

If you haven’t read “Look good, feel better”  now is the time to do it. It helps to explain this quote a little more. 🙂


I have a pair that I got for $20 and they’re one of the best investments I’ve made!! Super comfy and a good way to dress up and outfit.

Confashions of a Saduholic

Just got these flats from H&M! They are fairly comfy. Cut me a bit in the back, but nothing a band aide can’t fix. I think i just need to break em in. They were less than $15 so you can’t beat that!

Happy Monday!


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Combat style.

Well, I finally found myself a pair of combat boots that I like… so I decided to find an entire outfit to show you that I would wear with them.

Starting with tops:


On the left I chose skinny jeans from buckle and on the right, as shown, they are from American Eagle. Both are a reasonable price.

Last but not least…my boots, and another pair that I really like:

This outfit works with both pair of boots that are used for my examples but it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that work. Click on the link below them and check out some more!  Combat boots are really popular right now so don’t be afraid to try them out!! Be open to new styles; don’t think that you have to wear dark wash denim jeans with a leather jacket for this style to work. There are so many ways to wear these boots, so throw random outfits together and see if it works. 🙂

Happy Monday!!

What a perfect day to start the week… disagreed by many. We all just want to sleep in, even if its just for 5 extra minutes. Well, my outfit defiantly allowed me to do that today. I got dressed in under 5 minutes and in a great outfit!

Here is what i wore to school:

Yes, i am wearing leggings…again but i just can’t help it! They’re so comfortable and can be worn with almost any outfit. My hair, as you can see is just in a bun with a patterned headband. Quick, easy and cute!

Here are the accessories i chose:

and the shoes i wore :

There was another easy outfit that you could wear to school or even out somewhere if you are getting dressed quickly. Just remember…don’t wear sweats! You’re going to have higher self-confidence and be in a better mood throughout the day if you choose an outfit like this over sweats.