What did you wear this Wednesday?

Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday! Just think, the week is half over now! I don’t know about you but I know that Wednesdays are rough for a lot of people for different reasons but don’t let that effect how you dress!! When I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling so hot and because of that I really just wanted to wear an over-sized t-shirt and my boyfriends hoodie to school. As soon as that thought came into my mind, I realized that putting a different shirt on and fixing my hair a little bit wasn’t going to take much more time than wearing the t-shirt and hoodie with a messy pony tail. For whatever reason you feel like wearing sweats, you woke up sick or on the wrong side of the bed, or you’re depressed because of the presidential election from the night before ;)… don’t wear them! Like I said in my Confidence post, your mood and feelings effect how you dress so try to change those emotions before getting dressed.

It took me about 5 more minutes to get ready in a more presentable way. While I was getting dressed I thought of a few tips that will help you out on days like this.

1. Always have a to-go outfit.
Here is what you need:

  • Your favorite pair of jeans (well fitted ones because you know your butt has to look good 😉 )
  • At least 3 of your favorite tops to choose from – ones you know you like and that you know you look good in.
  • A pair of shoes that go with any outfit
  • A fitted jacket for a colder day. Preferably one that zips so you can still see your cute top.

2. Stick with basic make-up. Even just having a little bit of mascara helps a lot!
Here is what I wear on a simple day:

  • mascara
  • blush
  • lip gloss
  • eyeliner (occasionally)

Like I’ve said in past posts, it’s so easy and worth it to take a couple extra minutes to make a better outfit. You’ll look and feel better throughout the day because of it.

Here is what I wanted to wear and what I ended up wearing:

Jeans: Miss me’s. I love how they fit and they aren’t overly embellished.

Shirt: Basic lightweight sweater. It could be considered an over-sized sweater but it’s not huge so you can still see my figure.

Shoes: Leopard print flats – I’ve surprised myself with how many outfits I’ve been able to wear them with.

Hair: Instead of just doing a basic pony tail, i braided each side of my hair and then put it in a pony tail.  To add a little extra, I wrapped some of my hair around the pony tail holder to hide it.

Accessories: I decided to go with earring only today. You can choose what you would like, earrings, necklace or both.

xoxo, Maggie.


Happy Monday!!

What a perfect day to start the week… disagreed by many. We all just want to sleep in, even if its just for 5 extra minutes. Well, my outfit defiantly allowed me to do that today. I got dressed in under 5 minutes and in a great outfit!

Here is what i wore to school:

Yes, i am wearing leggings…again but i just can’t help it! They’re so comfortable and can be worn with almost any outfit. My hair, as you can see is just in a bun with a patterned headband. Quick, easy and cute!

Here are the accessories i chose:

and the shoes i wore :

There was another easy outfit that you could wear to school or even out somewhere if you are getting dressed quickly. Just remember…don’t wear sweats! You’re going to have higher self-confidence and be in a better mood throughout the day if you choose an outfit like this over sweats.


Monday, my “Lazy-day”.

Don’t even think about going to school in your sweats. If you want to have a lazy day, here is an example of a comfy “lazy-day” outfit.

Even though I woke up with plenty of time to do my hair and choose a different outfit this morning I chose to be lazy. This is really the perfect lazy-day outfit. The sweater is embellished just enough to not have to worry about wearing accessories, the leggings (plain ones could be worn too) match the color of the embellishment, and the sandals are just plain black. You can wear just about any sweater you want with some leggings and your choice of shoes.

It took me about 5 minutes to get ready this morning. I threw on this outfit, let my hair air-dry and put a little mascara on. If you wanted to wear this outfit to more than just school then you can.

All you have to do is loosely curl your hair, add a little lip gloss, natural eye-shadow or eyeliner, blush (if you want) and you’re set!

If you add the time it took to curl my hair, add blush, lip gloss, and a little eye-shadow then were to about 15 minutes. That’s not to shabby for a lazy-day.

I hope this helped you and gave you a few ideas for some outfits. I’ll continue to post my “Lazy-day” outfit every Monday to give you more ideas and keep you away from those sweats!

“I like my money right where I can see it… hanging in my closet.”

Yeah… I love seeing it my bank account, but I love showing it off too.
Right after I read that quote I HAD to go look at some sweet pictures of closets filled with clothes.

Here are a few for you to check out…

Those are only a few that I found, I couldn’t post the extreme ones because of sudden website problems. :/ I will admit though, I am rather jealous. I can’t wait for the day when I can do this to my closet. It’s so organized and wonderful. 🙂

Happy Monday, everyone!

I don’t know about you but when I woke up this morning I was feeling really lazy. The thought went through my head to just go to school in my pajama’s, but, that thought quickly passed and I remembered why I never do that.

Here are 3 reasons why I wouldn’t wear sweats in public…

  1. It’s easy for me to throw on a pair of jeans with a hoodie or plain t-shirt and call it good.
  2. When I’m wearing sweats I’m not as confident as I am in jeans. Don’t tell me wearing them out in public is building your self-confidence because I know it’s not. “I don’t care what people think.” I know you do, ladies. Remember “Always dress like you’re going to see your worst enemy.”
  3. If you want to impress the guy that is standing next you then don’t wear sweats. He will look right past you and look at the girl that took that extra couple minutes to get dressed. Guys are looking for girls that take care of themselves.

Here are some good examples of what you can wear on your “Lazy-Day” 

It’s such a simple outfit! Leggings, long and loose-fitting top, and a pair of flats.

This is another easy outfit. If it’s a little cooler outside just throw on a pair of jeans with a cute sweater and your set!

I know I can’t talk all of you out of wearing sweats to school or other places (even though it’s so easy) so, here are a couple examples of more suitable sweats.

These fit your body, unlike your boyfriends XL basketball sweats. 😉

If your heart is setting on wearing sweats then just put a little more thought and effort into the ones that you’re wearing.