Combat style.

Well, I finally found myself a pair of combat boots that I like… so I decided to find an entire outfit to show you that I would wear with them.

Starting with tops:


On the left I chose skinny jeans from buckle and on the right, as shown, they are from American Eagle. Both are a reasonable price.

Last but not least…my boots, and another pair that I really like:

This outfit works with both pair of boots that are used for my examples but it doesn’t mean that they are the only ones that work. Click on the link below them and check out some more!  Combat boots are really popular right now so don’t be afraid to try them out!! Be open to new styles; don’t think that you have to wear dark wash denim jeans with a leather jacket for this style to work. There are so many ways to wear these boots, so throw random outfits together and see if it works. 🙂


Fall Fashion: Boots

Well ladies, it’s that time of year where we finally get to wear boots again! I started noticing girls at school and some co-workers wearing them which got me thinking about some of the crazy boots I’ve seen. Let’s be honest and say boots with fur aren’t a good choice 99.9% of the time. I’ve found a few example of a variety of boots that you should never wear, can always wear,  and that are popular right now.

To start off, boots you should never wear:


I don’t even know how these got to be made! Sure, a few of them have heels and a little bit of structure to them but in the end they’re a fail. I asked a few friends (guys) what they thought of boots, particularly ones with fur and they all said that it was a no-go. These include ugg boots ladies, sorry. I’ve heard they’re rather comfortable.

Boots you can never fail with:


These boots have structure and come in a HUGE variety. From ankle to thigh, black to blue. If you just choose a neutral color (brown, black, beige, etc.) Then you can wear them all season with basically every outfit you put together. Guys opinion: these boots are just fine, just be careful when buying them and don’t get the ones that will make you look like one of the Three Musketeers or Jack Sparrow.



Whats popular? Combat Style:


These boots are more of a  grunge look so if you like them I say go for it! I’ve seen a lot of girls with them and they’re really starting to grow on me. There is a large variety of these as well so just find the pair that you like. The guys opinion on these shocked me, only because i know women sometimes like weird/different styles. They all said they like them and  to go for it!

I hope you’ll take these options into consideration next time you’re out shopping.