As we all know swag isn’t real. However, a lot of guys think it is and because of that they LOVE to sag their pants.  Doesn’t everyone know that’s not popular anymore? Apparently not. So, here is my tip to the guys: Wear your pants above your butt and maybe try out a belt. I’m bringing this up because lately I have seen some really outrageous outfits. This came to my mind after seeing this… In the mall with his girlfriend, this guy had his pants sagging so low that they literally looked they were just above his knees.  Here were my thoughts… 1. How do you walk? 2. How is that comfortable? 3. Because your pants are so low, you have to find xx long tee’s which aren’t improving your look at all.  I wanted to ask him if he needed longer pants because, if he pulled them up to where they should be then they would be too short. If that wasn’t the situation then I thought about asking if he needed some money for a belt. 😉 I was embarrassed for him and even more for his girlfriend.

Well… here are some examples of what you should and shouldn’t wear guys.




saggy_pantsand even J. Biebs!


Yikes, right? It really isn’t attractive. Here is how you should wear pants…

For those who like skinny’s:


Note: The shoes worn with all of these were a terrible pick but Google just wasn’t giving me what I wanted! Please be picky about the shoes that you wear, they make a huge difference. I’ll talk about that more later. Now, back to fitted jeans!

For those who like more relaxed:

MenLoose_600x415Dress Pants:




4 to 1 people. I don’t see any of them sagging so, just because J. Biebs does it  doesn’t mean it looks good.

I promise women find it 100 times more attractive and it has to be more comfortable! Try it out, I bet you’ll love it.

Girls, if you’re boyfriends sag their pants then tell them whats up! Don’t walk around embarrassed anymore. Help them look almost as good as you do. 😉

xoxo, Mags.


What did you wear this Wednesday?

Hello everyone, Happy Wednesday! Just think, the week is half over now! I don’t know about you but I know that Wednesdays are rough for a lot of people for different reasons but don’t let that effect how you dress!! When I woke up this morning I wasn’t feeling so hot and because of that I really just wanted to wear an over-sized t-shirt and my boyfriends hoodie to school. As soon as that thought came into my mind, I realized that putting a different shirt on and fixing my hair a little bit wasn’t going to take much more time than wearing the t-shirt and hoodie with a messy pony tail. For whatever reason you feel like wearing sweats, you woke up sick or on the wrong side of the bed, or you’re depressed because of the presidential election from the night before ;)… don’t wear them! Like I said in my Confidence post, your mood and feelings effect how you dress so try to change those emotions before getting dressed.

It took me about 5 more minutes to get ready in a more presentable way. While I was getting dressed I thought of a few tips that will help you out on days like this.

1. Always have a to-go outfit.
Here is what you need:

  • Your favorite pair of jeans (well fitted ones because you know your butt has to look good 😉 )
  • At least 3 of your favorite tops to choose from – ones you know you like and that you know you look good in.
  • A pair of shoes that go with any outfit
  • A fitted jacket for a colder day. Preferably one that zips so you can still see your cute top.

2. Stick with basic make-up. Even just having a little bit of mascara helps a lot!
Here is what I wear on a simple day:

  • mascara
  • blush
  • lip gloss
  • eyeliner (occasionally)

Like I’ve said in past posts, it’s so easy and worth it to take a couple extra minutes to make a better outfit. You’ll look and feel better throughout the day because of it.

Here is what I wanted to wear and what I ended up wearing:

Jeans: Miss me’s. I love how they fit and they aren’t overly embellished.

Shirt: Basic lightweight sweater. It could be considered an over-sized sweater but it’s not huge so you can still see my figure.

Shoes: Leopard print flats – I’ve surprised myself with how many outfits I’ve been able to wear them with.

Hair: Instead of just doing a basic pony tail, i braided each side of my hair and then put it in a pony tail.  To add a little extra, I wrapped some of my hair around the pony tail holder to hide it.

Accessories: I decided to go with earring only today. You can choose what you would like, earrings, necklace or both.

xoxo, Maggie.

Over-sized Sweaters 101.

Who doesn’t love an over-sized, super comfy sweater when it’s cold outside? I know I sure do. Lucky for all of us, they’re rather popular and to my surprise, the guys like them too! Not only are they super quick and easy to put on, they are also “casual yet still flattering.” I’ve found a few examples of different fits and styles  for you to check out. Don’t think that these are the only ways to wear them either! There is such a variety of sweaters to choose from which means you can create a ton of different outfits.

These were just a few of hundreds of pictures to choose from for examples. If you’re still unsure of how to wear a sweater that you just bought or are wanting to buy don’t hesitate to Google “Oversized sweaters” for some more examples.

Here is the one thing to be careful of when putting an outfit together with an over-sized top…

Try not to look too lazy, don’t layer bulky on top of bulky. The knit infinity scarf and the Ugg boots just cross the line for me, but that’s just my opinion.

Don’t over-think these outfits, have fun with them! 🙂


Get more for less.

Do you find yourself shopping online often? Just filling up your cart with adorable clothes and then being surprised by the portion size and price? It’s discouraging when it’s more than you can afford and you have to decide what you really want. You usually end up forgetting about the whole order.
Well, I do that…probably a little more than I should (I did it with every site I looked at for this list), but I can’t help myself! There are so many great things I want to wear. So for your benefit and my own I have found some great sites to shop, including more popular ones like Forever21. The clothes are still adorable but don’t cost and arm and a leg to buy.
Here are some of the sites I thought you might like. Enjoy!! 🙂

www.6pm.com – Discount shoes!!
www.sammydress.com – A lot of over-sized shirts; I’ve found that most items are one size fits all, but they still have a lot of cute things and for a good price.
www.ae.com – Great store for jeans, starting at just $30.
www.pinkice.com – I like a really random variety of clothing so I found things I liked on this site. You might not like it but take a look anyway, you might end up finding something you really like.
www.necessaryclothing.com – Hit or miss, just depends on your style. Definitely loved this site. So much to choose from.
www.us.topshop.com – On the left side of this side they have a price scale. You can choose your price range, starting at $10 going up to $300+
www.polyvore.com – Type in what you’re looking for and your price range and it brings up hundreds of sites with pictures so you don’t have to go from site to site.

Some of the items on these sites are a little more expensive but they will last you longer. So, if you like that jacket that is $45-$75 dollars then get it, because you’ll have it for years.

If you know of any other good sites just leave them in the comment section and I will add them to the list!! 🙂